Amma returns…

The motorcade was deliberately going slow in the regal laid-backness that is so typical of her

Victory of Democracy

Arvind Kejriwal led AAP to a historic mandate where they won 67 of the 70 constituencies

Sorry! You’re not hired

Firstpost at it again. They have successfully converted an apolitical news to a sellable political controversy.

The new increased Service Tax

The Government has notified that the new increased Service Tax of 14% will come into effect

Did Modi really insult India?

Twitter turned into a virtual battleground yesterday. The ones “badly” hurt by PM Modi’s anti-India (Yeah!

Hero or not?

Firstpost quotes “Pratap’s raison d’etre in history is his three-decade war against somebody as mighty as

A walkout

Unlike other artforms, which can be argued as being made/performed for the artist’s or creator’s sake,

दवाई बिलकुल मुफ्त

कल रात का खाना मंगल को भारी पड़ रहा था. कुल मिला के इक्कीस पूरियां, चार

Guilty or not

The policeman who assaulted a nice lady in Central Delhi has been dismissed from his duty

The Avengers – Linear story best enjoyed in 3-D

I went to watch The Avengers – Age of Ultron yesterday. I am someone who has