Mamata Banerjee and 5 years of Sarvanaash!

||’কারও পৌষ মাস, কারও সর্বনাশ|| (Karou Poush Maas, Karou Sarvanaash) There is a famous Bengali proverb

Ye Dil maange Delhi no more- Case for a new national capital for India!

The concept of national capital has historically had no meaning in India. In a large, diverse

Afzal hamein Maqbool nahi – Let us learn to stop making martyrs out of terrorist

Afzal Guru’s hanging turns 3 today. The same month when another terrorist Maqbool Bhat was hanged

BJP-PDP alliance still a strong possibility but in J&K, no one is politically untouchable

  The sheer number of variables make the politics of J & K pretty interesting. The

Scams, Sleaze aur Scandals – Who is Saritha Nair and why is Kerala Politics in a turmoil?

Politics is the biggest entertainment in Kerala these days. With new stories of bribes, sleaze and

Overhaul of MNREGA: The Biggest Reform of Modi Government Yet To Be Rolled Out

The MNREGA started as a ‘pro poor’ scheme during the UPA era and was supposed to

Exposing the Left Wing Cartel – Chapter 2 | Gandhi-Nehru Dynasty and Legacy Creation

In the first essay of this series, we outlined our theory of neo-monarchy and third Indian

Every Party is on the Social Media, so what next for BJP?

Narendra Modi’s successful presidential style political campaign for the General Elections of 2014 has in my

[SATIRE] सुण ओ ताऊ हम गुडगांवा के कलेक्टर सै, Gurgaon Bandits Vs Lalu’s Son In law

अभी कुछ दिनों पहले गुडगाँव में, दिनदहाड़े चार से पांच अज्ञात हमलावरों ने बंदूक के दम

The killing of MV Shabeer: Still our society has some Barbarians

The killing of MV Shabeer: Still our society has some Barbarians There are some disturbing news.