Parliament’ s Winter Session: Look at what’s on the table

So Bihar boomeranged on BJP. But before the party’s strategists can take stock properly, its government

Aamir Khan remember “Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota”, Or was it just a dialog for you?

For the past one and a half months, there has been a rise of the Rip

Belated Happy Birthday Mulayam Singh Yadav

Last year, in an almost Raja-esque style, he was driven down the streets of Rampur in

Spectre : the Bond we need

This world doesn’t need a James Bond. Seriously, who needs a guy snooping around when all

Vellapally Natesan, a rare Malyalee, who believes it’s his karma to unite Hindus in Kerala

It is interesting times in Kerala, the state which has a record of not allowing a

The voteshare/seats conundrum: A case for Mixed-Member Proportional System?

The bizarre counting exercise for Bihar perpetuated by many media houses on the 8th of November

Brussels: Gateway to Romance or a Terror Hole

A headline reads on 18th Nov15 – Why Brussels is a terrorism hotspot – Politico Brussels

Bhartiya Janata Party couldn’t grab Aiyar and Khurshid by their necks. What a loss?

Candid Confession: I am not exactly proud to be a Bhartiya Janata Party Follower anymore. I

DadriLies : Mob Murder or Manufactured Malice- The Untold Story of Dadri Lynching!

Democracy and dissent go hand in hand. While a democratically elected government runs a nation of

Why does India have to wait to see the firebrand Narendra Modi till he leaves the country’s shores?

Since Narendra Modi’s Wembley magic , I have been wondering why such magic is not seen